Governor Jerry Brown and his Meaningless Mandate

Attached is a very readable article published by EarthJustice regarding the drought in California. I was particularly interested in the details about Fracking in the state, specifically the number of wells in operation, the hundreds of wells used to dispose of the toxic by-products of Fracking, and the hundreds of open-pit disposal ponds still in use. The number of wells in close proximity or over the aquifer, the source of much of the states drinking water, is frightening.

There have been a number of pieces in the alternative press about the toothless Brown mandate, and how Brown refuses to take on the agriculture and oil industries. Oil in particular makes no sense to me, as the use of oil in this country is steadily declining, and we are more than able to cover our domestic needs. Shutting down California drilling would seem to be a no-brainer. So just how much money has the industry paid to buy Brown’s integrity, lock, stock, and well-head?


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