Clear and Warm

I was just outside to let the dog out before retiring for the night. There were a million stars in the clear sky, not a cloud in sight. The temperature was a mild 49 degrees, after a high today of 71.

I live 4,000 feet up in the mountains. What I should have experienced, being as it’s the end of December, was temperatures in the high 20’s, a foot of snow on the ground with threats of more for tomorrow. The wind should be blowing through the redwoods and pine trees, the sky a dark grey under a deep cloud cover. Instead of going outdoors in a light shirt, I should have been bundled in a heavy coat.

But here I am, not a hint of rain in the forecast, no snow on the ground, clear skies, warm temperatures, and drought conditions so bad that we are still considered to be in the fire season, which normally would have ended in October.

Temperature predictions from some climate mode...

Temperature predictions from some climate models (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And yet, after all the evidence, all the science, we continue to be faced with the deniers, those among us who claim there is no such thing as climate change and global warming. There is no science behind their bellicoseness, only political partisanship supported by greed. Perhaps a representative few of these naysayers should come visit for a few days, dressed for the season of course, in heavy coat, fur hat, gloves and overshoes. I  don’t doubt that it would take but a few moments for them to strip off the heavy garments, complaining of being too warm. Perhaps then, would they see the light, perhaps they would believe?

I doubt it, but that’s just me…

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Musings come to me from time-to-time. Thoughts on politics, life, religion, nature, and other topics occupy me and some, I believe, might be worth sharing. Anything on this post is pretty much my own interpertation and not meant to be anything more than that. I encourage discussions, alternative viewpoints, and agreements to disagree. If your reasoning powers are limited to personal slurs, name-calling or insults, save it for Fox News.
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4 Responses to Clear and Warm

  1. hermitsdoor says:

    Here in the Appalachian Mountains, we have been up in the 60F’s one weekend, down to the teens three days later, then back up to the 50F’s this weekend. Following the farm reports, the usual el Nino or la Nina Pacific Ocean patterns have taken the winter off. We are influenced by what they call an Artic Ocillation. This weather pattern tends to be the north-south draw of cold-dry/warm-moist air masses across the middle section of the country. As the weather is not coming eastward from the Pacific, you get cold-warm cycles without moisture. On the East Coast, we get warm days followed by bucket so rain/snow followed by dry-melting days.

    As to Global Warming or Climate Change, even Forbes Magazine some dozen years ago acknwoledged that the weather patterns were becoming more erratic at a century of relative predictable weather. The debate (political, scientific) is whether human activity is contributing to this phenomenon. Human activity includes use of fossil fuels, building roads and cities that obsorb and radiate heat, turning pairie grassland into corn fields, supressing forest fires that would thin the soft wood forest in the West, draining aquafer, setc.


    • Barneysday says:

      The question of human contributions, which everyone asks, defies logic to me. After all the centuries of burning, all the trillions of car miles, smokestacks, etc, the logical question is “Where do we think all that heat and particulates actually went?” When Rush can come up with a valid answer, then maybe the deniers will have a case. But I doubt he or others can.

      Thanks for writing


  2. These are my thoughts exactly…living on the same coast roughly 1400-1500 miles north in Canada….watching it rain as the snow melts away. It’s still hard to believe people deny that the climate is changing.


    • Barneysday says:

      The general area where I live, for several hundred miles, is tinder dry for lack of rain/snowfall for several years now. This was perfectly illustrated by the devastating fires of this last fall.

      Almost as bad is the number of drinking wells that are running dry, including the community we live in. Farmer’s Almanac forecasted a particularly wet winter this year. So far, nothing much.

      The scientists with expertise in the area are pretty much in agreement. Its the outside “experts” like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reily and Dick Cheney who fight this tooth and nail.

      Thanks for the great comments.


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