Hillary at First Glance

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton (Photo credit: Nrbelex)

I’ve never been a big fan of the Clinton’s. Back when Rush Limbaugh used to be a human being, he would do humorous parody’s of Clinton’s presidency, and their tendency to stick a wet finger in the air, to determine which way the wind was blowing, and thus what their positions would be for that day. I’m beginning to see definite signs that Hillary is resurrecting the same trend.

Clinton Redux:

There is no argument among book critics and observers that Hillary’s latest multimillion dollar advance for Hard Choices was wasted money. Readers, (And I am not one) claim the book is a ready mix of pabulum and mush, carefully written so as not to possibly offend anyone, in any corner no matter how remote, of the political spectrum.

In a recent interview, Hillary also said that she is open to keeping our troops in Afghanistan beyond the planned 2016 removal date. This in spite of her retraction of her supportive vote for the Iraq invasion. Which by the way, was 11 years too late.

In both cases, she is pandering to the darkest regions of the political spectrum. In the coldest form of political calculation, she obviously has begun sticking her wet finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. Remember when an unforgiving public referred to her as “Billary?” She is once again stepping into those shoes.

Cropped photo of Diane Sawyer

Diane Sawyer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But these are not the most disturbing activities originating from Hillary of late. In her interview with Diane Sawyer, she once again played the “poor me” card, claiming that upon leaving the White House, the Clinton’s were flat broke and worried about how they were going to pay the bills and purchase a home.

My recollection is a bit different. Upon leaving the White House the Clinton’s were accused of removing almost everything that wasn’t nailed down. Air Force One was similarly stripped, even down to the ash trays and memo pads. Later, they were asked to pay back the White House.

And if memory serves, wealthy supporters purchased an $11 million home in New York for the Clinton’s residence.

The “Poor me” act, stripping the White House, the vacuous book, all go to heart of Hillary, which is her unending willingness to say anything, to do anything to recreate her own history and burnish her image. Remember her campaign claim of landing in Iraq under enemy fire, of having to run for cover? The truth came out later that there was no attack, but instead it had been a completely benign visit by her and her enterouge, including a formal greeting and ceremony under the wing of the plane parked on the tarmac.

Future Generations:

English: Chelsea Clinton in Philadelphia, USA....

Chelsea Clinton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

With the breaking news of Chelsea Clinton’s $600,000 payday from NBC, considerably more than most regular correspondents on the network, I can’t help but wonder if the Clinton “Greed Gene” has been passed down to another generation. One report I saw said she had 58 appearances since signing the contract in 2011, netting her over $26,000 per minute for the time she was on the air.

I had admired the Clinton’s in the past for their efforts to keep Chelsea out of the political spotlight, to shield her from their bumpy lives. But sad to say, Chelsea has put herself in the spotlight, squarely in the center of her family’s political turmoil. Will she do the right thing and resign?

I for one, am sick of the Bush and Clinton family regimes, and wish they would all just go away. They’ve all exploited their relatively weak abilities and charm to the limits, and it’s time for someone new to climb up on the stage.

But that’s just me…


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4 Responses to Hillary at First Glance

  1. i know several people who do not like her AT ALL, and i will lob this to them to make their day!

    it’s always good to read/listen to all of you who are there every day, while i amble down lone muddy or dusty roads and watch birds soar in lazy circles into infinity!

    am on the road today so no time for leisurely reading – but i look forward to hitting the ‘previous post’ button and catching up!


    • Barneysday says:

      Thanks for writing, always great to hear from you.

      I would love to have a woman for President, I just don’t believe Hillary fits the bill. There is no apparent core, there is no “there, there.”


  2. cindy knoke says:

    Hilary just lacks the likeability factor I’m afraid. She’s polarizing and abrasive~


    • Barneysday says:

      If she were polarizing because she took a strong stand on any particular issue, I’d feel better. But for her, its just trying to placate as many corners of the political playing field as possible, which can only lead to not standing for anything.

      Thanks for writing


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